Library Collections

Of the available journal volumes, the following are also digitally available in the reading room (by appointment): Cakalele, De Zuidmolukker, Iccan-brief, Kora-Kora, Lembaga, Marinjo (IWM), Mata Rantai, Mena Muria (door A.F. Pasanea), Mena Muria (voorlichtingsblad RMS), Mena Muria (krant), MHM-Nieuwsbrief, Pedoman, Pertemuan, Stem van Ambon, Tagalaja, Tanuar, Tjenghkeh, Toma, Zelfbeschikking. They can be searched by any word or name.

A special collection are the newspapers from the Moluccas from around the year 2000 to the present: Ambon Ekpres, Dewa, Ekspresi, Info Baru, Metro Maluku, Suara Maluku (some are also digitally available in the reading room, by appointment).


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