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Loan and lease

The museum is able to assist other museums, district buildings, schools etc. in arranging their exhibitions. It lends objects, for instance furniture from the camps, and (photo) exhibitions for educational purposes.

Lease of photo exhibitions

‘Mari lihat’ (‘Kom kijken’) consists of 46 panels (50 x 70 cm) with photos and accompanying texts. The exhibition covers more than a century (from 1900 to 2005) of Moluccan culture and history and is divided in different themes: Tjakalele (warrior dance), Dance and Music, Rituals & Religion and The Moluccas. ‘Geschiedenis van de Molukkers in Nederland’ (‘History of the Moluccans in The Netherlands’) The lay-out of this exhibition is chronological and includes 30 panels (50.2 x 60.2 cm) with background information, photos, maps and other documents with caption labels. Both exhibitions are presented in the Dutch language.


‘Mari Lihat’ is on loan for 75 euro a day (125 euro for two days) ‘Geschiedenis van Molukkers in Nederland’ is on loan for 100 euro a day (175 euro for two days) A longer lease is also possible, prices to be arranged. Insurance and shipping shall be the responsibility of and paid for by the borrower.