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Contents of the Collections

The collection of the MuMA illustrate  the history, culture and current events of the Mollucan community in the Netherlands and the Moluccas. It exists of:

Visual material (photographs/slides/negatives)


Newspaper clippings (from 1950-present)


Audiovisual material (amongst others: interviews and recordings from other persons)

Database (list of important events)

Journal volumes

Journal articles

Origin of the Collections

Having been operating as an open institution which was initiated from the Moluccan community itself, the MuMa has collected several unique collections from the beginning of its existence until now. Individuals and organizations have been donating the museum several objects, archival materials, books and documentation, photographs and audiovisual material. These are unique materials that can only be found in the MuMa. Over time, the collection has also been expanded with amongst others; interviews and other materials which were gathered during explorations and temporary exhibitions. The collection forms the basis which enables the MuMa to introduce the history and culture of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands.

Searching in the Collection Database?

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