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Searching in the Collection Database

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Contents of the Collections

The collection of the MuMA illustrate  the history, culture and current events of the Mollucan community in the Netherlands and the Moluccas. It exists of:

Visual material (photographs/slides/negatives)

Archives (under construction)

Newspaper clippings (from 1950-present)


Audiovisual material (amongst others: interviews and recordings from other persons)

Database (list of important events)

Journal volumes

Journal articles

Origin of the Collections

Having been operating as an open institution which was initiated from the Moluccan community itself, the MuMa has collected several unique collections from the beginning of its existence until now. Individuals and organizations have been donating the museum several objects, archival materials, books and documentation, photographs and audiovisual material. These are unique materials that can only be found in the MuMa. Over time, the collection has also been expanded with amongst others; interviews and other materials which were gathered during explorations and temporary exhibitions. The collection forms the basis which enables the MuMa to introduce the history and culture of the Moluccan community in the Netherlands.

Image Collection

The collection of photographs, negatives and slides shows a wide variety of subjects. There are photos to be found of the Moluccas in the colonial era and from the military and political history of Indonesia around the Second World War and the decolonization period. Thereafter, there are photos of the Moluccans during their arrivals in the Netherlands in 1951 and photos of their first arrivals in the camps. These ‘camps photos’ cover a large part of the collection, however there can also be found photos of the following decades and photos of the present time. Concerning the Moluccans themselves, there are a number of photo series available from the ‘80s, ‘90s and ’95, with subjects as: family life, everyday life in cities and villages, travel and nature. The consequences of the civil war of 1999 are also shown. On the other hand, there are also updated recordings available concerning the activities of the Moluccans in the Netherlands and in the Moluccas. The collection continues to extend through loans, gifts and private reports. There are certain conditions applicable when using or publicizing images from this collection.


The archival collection consists of archives of individuals, organizations and some loose 

documents. Thanks to the subsidy from “Het Gebaar en Erfgoed van de Oorlog” (translated

as: the Gesture and Heritage of War institution), the MuMa was able to digitalize an important part of the archives. In the coming years there will be further work in progress on the digitalization of archives. The collections that are available through the internet, will therefore also be regularly updated. If you are interested in searching through our archives and magazines in the reading room, please make an appointment in advance. The archives of individuals and organizations have the following format:


A 001: P.W. Lokollo

A 002: E.G. Pattiheuwean

A 003: A.F. Pasanea

A 004: S. Metiarij/GIM 

A 005: K. van Rijckevorsel

A 006: S. Latul

A 007: C. Verbeek

A008:  U. Santi

A 009: J.P. Nikijuluw

A 010: W. Mual

A 011: Th.O. Kuhuwael  (niet digitaal)

A 012: J. Sinke

A 013: J.A. Manusama

A 014: K. Vigeleyn Nikijuluw

A 015: Badan Persatuan Republik Maluku Selatan (BPRMS)

A 016: F.A. Aponno

A 017: Stichting Door de Eeuwen Trouw (DDET)

A 018: J. Oudman

A 019: CAZ

A 020: Chr.R.S. Soumokil

A 021: DDET/De Vries

A 022 :D. Tuhusula

Some part of the archive collection has not been organized yet and is therefore not accessible. These include the archives of the Inspraakorgaan Welzijn Molukkers, J. Matauseja, M.Fr. Mual, H.M.A.G. Smeets, J. Syatauw, H. Zwarteveen, J.F. Limahelu, F. Steijlen, ds van Herwerden.


The database consist of over 2500 events in the Moluccan history from 1599 to the present. An important part is formed by data showing the daily development of the Kerusuhan, which is the Civil War that raged the Mollucans from 1999. The source of this data is the InfoDoc which at that time was specifically set up to provide information to the Moluccans in the Netherlands.

Library Collections

Of the available journal volumes, the following are also digitally available in the reading room (by appointment): Cakalele, De Zuidmolukker, Iccan-brief, Kora-Kora, Lembaga, Marinjo (IWM), Mata Rantai, Mena Muria (door A.F. Pasanea), Mena Muria (voorlichtingsblad RMS), Mena Muria (krant), MHM-Nieuwsbrief, Pedoman, Pertemuan, Stem van Ambon, Tagalaja, Tanuar, Tjenghkeh, Toma, Zelfbeschikking. They can be searched by any word or name.

A special collection are the newspapers from the Moluccas from around the year 2000 to the present: Ambon Ekpres, Dewa, Ekspresi, Info Baru, Metro Maluku, Suara Maluku (some are also digitally available in the reading room, by appointment).

Personal Stories

first was in the period of 1988-1989 with people in the Netherlands, the second was in 2009-2010 in the Netherlands and in Indonesia, which was done as being a part of the program Heritage of  the War – Witnesses’Stories.

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